This is in substance the message launched by the AMM (Association des Industriels mauriciens) and its “armed arm” the label Made in Moris who gathered the press on Wednesday, September 22 for a time of exchange around the local production and national economic issues.

An innovative, friendly and interactive exchange format which allowed to address 3 themes: Circular Economy / Innovation / Regional Cooperation (the three being closely linked) and which gathered in front of the press: Caroline Rault – Vice-president of the WMA, Bruno Dubarry – CEO of the WMA, Shirin Gunny – General Manager of Made in Moris l’AMM administrator – Sylvan Oxenham, Vincent d’Arifat, Ian Tin Fook, Prakash Ramiah, Yannick Applassamy, Sachin Ramjuttun Guests – Gregory Martin, Region Reunion & Jacqueline Sauzier from the Chamber of Agriculture


“The health crisis has put the spotlight in Mauritius on the need and importance of having a diversified economic fabric. “…Our model today is linear. We need to change it. The time has come. On plastics, which cannot always be eliminated because all solutions do not yet exist, it is more than necessary to act together to bring about a circular economy of plastics…but this is not the only example, there are also: glass, WEEE, construction waste, automotive industry…”. (Caroline Rault, WMA Vice President) “Independently, each island does not have the critical volume of purchases of the main ENR components for import and therefore, the importance of consolidating our regional orders. This will allow us to practice sustainable sourcing, benefit from the best product prices, stable warranties and after-sales service and reduce exorbitant freight costs. Over time, this process will also help to consolidate defective components to ensure a consistent volume for the appropriate waste recycling method.” (Prakash Ramiah, WMA Administrator) “We are going to set up a club of circular economy players with our partners in the private sector to encourage reflection and the sharing of good practices in the field of recycling in particular. In parallel we have one to several project files to build with the MRIC still on the theme of industry of the future.” (Bruno Dubarry, CEO de l’AMM) “Our reality: the domestic market is limited, the smallness of our market, with that, the constraints and limitations in terms of growth and sustainability VS the great opportunities that exist in our regional markets – notably the African countries and those of the Indian Ocean region. We welcome the formation of the Joint Public-Private Committee with several technical working groups including those on regional cooperation, maritime/air connectivity and new markets. An essential dialogue and work. AMM sits on the Export Committee and the Economic Committee Sectoral Development. Important for AMM to be at the center of this ecosystem. Important for the search for solutions on connectivity/air/sea logistics. (Sylvan Oxenham, WMA Administrator) * The AMM will celebrate its 27th anniversary (2022) and has 75 members. The Made in Moris will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022 and has more than 350 brands.


Also, the AMM and the MIM are positioning, always collectively on this subject through initiatives that we are going to share with you and that can be summarized on 3 axes:

  1. Training, with a course on eco-design that we have launched. Indeed, it is always advisable to design the most eco-friendly products possible and to try to reduce at the source, the plastic for example,
    2. The creation of an eco-system: we are working today to structure the collection and sorting of waste so that it becomes a resource and enters local or regional recycling loops.
    3. The creation of a community because together we go further and everyone’s motivations must be brought together to act collectively