The Wagon continues its mission on teaching technology literacy. After the launch of its web development bootcamp in February, the school’s management is pleased to announce that this course has received certification from the MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority). This approval confirms the experience of Le Wagon and allows future students to receive a certified diploma and ease of employment. Companies can also offer their personnel to follow the training while being financially supported by the HRDC. In partnership with Honoris Educational Network, this intensive program aims to educate participants to cope with the digital age and better calibrate those who would like to have a career in the IT industry. The Wagon offers a new type of education that focuses on developing the practical skills needed to obtain a job in the IT and digital sector and will allow students to get an internationally approved certification. The Covid-19 sanitary crisis has led management to adopt devices that allow students to adapt to the calendar. To this end, Le Wagon has introduced hybrid classes, through which they will be able to follow the lessons online, to guarantee a safe and healthy environment. The next bootcamps will be held on September 20 for full-time classes and on September 18 for part-time classes, with admissions open until August 31.