Réunion Mauritius

This is the observation that must be made following the recent publication of a note from the Réunion Region, Mauritius branch.

According to this note dated September 9, 2020, 78 Reunionese companies are listed in Mauritius while 15 subsidiaries of Mauritian companies are in Reunion.

Trade flows mainly concerned tourism, in 2019 and before the Covid crisis, 64 weekly flights circulated between the two islands 226 kilometers away. In the Reunion Mauritius direction, 232,000 passengers were recorded (including 138,000 directly from Reunion Island, the others after having passed through there). In the other direction 43,000 Mauritians went to Reunion, which makes the French department the second tourist destination for Mauritians after the island of Rodrigue.

Source Réunion Region (Mauritius branch)