A contaminated delegation on the way to Paris

The meeting scheduled today between the Comorian authorities and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, which was to be held at the Quai d’Orsay, has been canceled. This meeting was also to bring together parliamentarians from Mayotte who had already indicated that they would not participate following the unilateral decision of the governor of Anjouan to refuse any approach of a ship in its territorial waters (therefore no escapes of illegal immigrants since Mayotte) therefore fell into the water at the last moment for a reason rather revealing of the bad faith and the deceit of the Comorian diplomats.

Everything was ready in Paris to welcome this Comorian delegation for which Le Drian had already planned the red carpet to take stock of the memorandum of understanding signed more than a year ago and with which Mayotte was reluctantly associated and under pressure from the Quai d’Orsay, which wanted to keep the Mahorais out of these negotiations and the signing of a “partnership”. The Comorian delegation therefore flew to Paris this weekend by presenting false certificates of non-contamination with COVID-19 (PCR test) to the Ethiopian authorities during its stopover in AddisAbeba. The latter have these gentlemen and ladies undergo tests and everyone has found themselves positive!

The Comorians tried to justify their position by clumsily explaining that the initial flight having been deprogrammed, they had to repeat a test at 60 euros. Grand prince, the lab then offered to reissue a certificate of non-positivity for 2 euros …
Big nonsense!

Source : LNM