The next Indian Ocean Islands Games will be held in Mayotte in 2027. This is what we have to believe if we follow the logic of the speech of Soihabadine Ibrahim Ramadani, president of the Departmental Council of Mayotte. This one spoke last January 14th during the presentation of the wishes to an audience composed of about 300 people in these terms: “in terms of equipment, I confirm the construction of the multipurpose room, a Bercy and a center. training of high level athletes. The jury for the future Olympic swimming pool is due to be held within two weeks, “he said, confirming Mayotte’s ambition to organize the next Indian Ocean Islands Games in 2027. Let us recall that the Comoros have always opposed the representation of Mayotte at the Games as a French entity despite its attachment to France since 1841 and its wish to remain French in three referendums. The young French department to parade under the banner “France of the Indian Ocean” alongside the athletes of Reunion. The organization of the Games in Mayotte would be a kind of diplomatic advance in the direction of easing this anachronistic tension.