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Death of Senator Marcel Henry

Mayotte is crying, the Mahorais are in mourning. The great Marcel HENRY, historical, central and permanent actor of the fight for French Mayotte and the departmentalization, is gone. Press release from Mansour Kamardine, Member...

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Sebastien Lecornu will not turn up

It is a news revealed by our colleagues of Les Nouvelles de Mayotte: Sebastien Lecornu, French Minister for Overseas Territories, will not come to Mayotte anytime soon. He was unable to travel to Mayotte to mark the tenth...

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National record of Covid contamination

MayotteNational record of Covid contamination   Mayotte MP Mansour Kamardine is sounding the alarm again. His appeals for help in the face of the health and security situation, in the media and to the National Assembly,...

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