Return of the Techstars Startup Weekend, the largest incubator in the world!
It will be held from September 8 to 10 at the ICT Faculty of the University of the Mascarene Islands (UDM) in Rose-Hill.
As a reminder, the Techstars Startup Weekend, a global initiative of American origin created in 2007, is a 54-hour hackathon to transform your idea into a startup project.

It is organized by OTAM, MITIA and the CCIFM, through FINAM, in collaboration with the University of Mascareignes and the French Tech Mauritius.
The theme of this edition is ‘tech for good’ focusing on the use of technology to address one of the issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Ms. Jenny Chan, Vice President of FINAM and OTAM said that “The Techstars Startup Weekend is a challenge open to all. It is based on the principle that the creation of a company is within everyone’s reach and that team spirit is the keystone of a successful project. The theme of this edition is challenging and allows us to highlight projects that are useful for society and the environment. We invite the public to participate in numbers.
The vocation of Startup Weekend is to inculcate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation by promoting entrepreneurial learning through the realization of an idea, teamwork, action, and collective dynamism. Finally, the teams, which will have identified a current need, will present the most successful and best thought-out project that will provide an original or innovative response to a problem related to the SDGs. The aim is to unleash creativity, open up the field of possibilities and thus contribute to the development of the local economic fabric.
“French Tech Mauritius is happy to contribute to the development of the Tech for Good dynamic in Mauritius. The Startup Weekend is a platform of choice for the emergence of innovative projects in the service of the common good,” says Michel Cordani, Co-President of the French Tech Mauritius Community.

Its objectives: come with an idea, leave with a project

The Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where people from all walks of life (project owners, developers, business people, investors, students, …) meet to create teams, share their ideas, and launch startup projects.
People without specific ideas are welcome, as they can form a team with the project leaders. Another advantage for the participants is the intensive training on how to create a startup thanks to the free transmission of knowledge and know-how from professional coaches during the whole weekend.
Facilities are made available to participants by global sponsors (Google for Startups, GoDaddy, Miro …) for the realization of the project.
This 3rd edition will be hosted by the Faculty of ICT of the University of Mascarene, a place symbolizing knowledge and innovation thanks to its high-tech laboratories.
“It is with great pleasure that the Université des Mascareignes hosts the Techstars Startup Weekend Tech4Good Mauritius. The theme of sustainable development goals approached through ‘tech for good’ is in line with the degrees we offer such as the Masters in Artificial Intelligence, ‘e-health’ or in energy efficiency and sustainable development, among others. This collaboration with FINAM and French Tech Mauritius allows us to get closer to the professional world and to be part of the startup ecosystem in Mauritius” says Dr Radhakhrishna Somanah.

Who can participate?

Participants who have an idea to create an innovative company, and those who wish to make their skills available to put these ideas into practice to form multidisciplinary teams. Their profiles are varied:

. Idea holder: to accelerate its realization,
. Experts (employed or not) wishing to contribute to the advancement of an innovative entrepreneurial project
. Students of all disciplines: to gain experience in project realization and entrepreneurship while proposing new ideas and different methodologies learned in training
. Any adult who wishes to participate in the development of a project by contributing their knowledge and know-how.

Useful information

The Thursday afternoon imperative
To participate, it is imperative to be present on Thursday afternoon at the opening of Startup Weekend from 1pm. It is during this Thursday session that the teams are formed.
What to bring to Startup Weekend
Your good mood and enthusiasm, your open-mindedness, your desire to learn and exchange!
Registration & fees
Registration for the Startup Weekend Tech4Good Mauritius is free but mandatory.
They will be open until Monday, September 5 at the following link:

Program and schedule of the Techstars Startup Weekend Tech4Good Mauritius

1. Thursday, Sept. 8, from 12:45 to 5:30 pm: forming groups around ideas
Participants will pitch their ideas for 60 seconds to convince others to form a team around their idea in order to realize their startup project. About ten ideas will be retained.

2. Friday, Sept. 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.: brainstorming and concretization of the project
The trained teams work on their project with the help of the coaches: business model, customer validation, marketing, prototype, creation of graphic charter… The rest of the weekend is made up of work sessions and animations in a friendly and studious atmosphere. Everything is possible thanks to the skills of the team, the advice and expertise of the coaches and the flash conferences of this morning.

3. Saturday, Sept. 10, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.: finalization and presentation.
On Saturday from 1:30 pm, the teams present their project in front of a jury of experts: they have 5 minutes to convince and can use any type of support, presentation, prototype. After 3 minutes of questions and answers, the jury deliberates and awards the first 3 places.
The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 17. The three winners will be announced and will receive prizes to help them pursue their projects.

Companies or organizations wishing to support or be associated with this project can contact the organizers by email: