The actors of Bel Ombre (south of the country) belonging to the Rogers group have signed an environmental charter with the local populations which is based on the three pillars of the group : Thriving Nature, Thriving Economy and Thriving Cultures. The idea is to develop the region in a sustainable and inclusive manner, while respecting its authenticity and its natural heritage. The domain of Bel Ombre includes several entities which, from the beating of the blades to the tops of the mountains, offer hotel structures and beach restaurants, castle and gastronomic catering, and a natural domain where traditional hunting is practiced while respecting ecosystems and regulating wild meat.

This Charter made it possible, for example, to limit the carbon footprint by promoting renewable energies : solar water heaters, rainwater harvesting and Energy Star certified electrical equipment.

They are also actions to protect the coastal and marine ecosystem: between 2003 and 2016, between 8 and 10 meters of beach were lost due to coastal erosion. Bel Ombre therefore joined forces with four other coastal hotels, villagers, fishermen and boaters to launch a lagoon preservation project with the support of the authorities, REEF Conservation and the University of Mauritius. Thanks to the artificial reefs and the breakwaters installed across the lagoon of Bel Ombre, between 4 and 5 meters of beach could be recovered in some places.