Madagascar is strengthening its will to develop the electrification of the country from renewables. Mada Green Power has just started work on a 17 MW hybrid solar power plant in Andranotakatra, in the district of Mahajanga (north-west), while the energy company Oursun Green Power has announced that it will build three photovoltaic power plants. on the roofs of buildings in the capital, for a cumulative power of 11 MWp.

The Big Island is also awaiting two major hydropower infrastructure constructions : the Sahofika hydroelectric dam, developed by the Neho consortium (New hydroelectric power from Onive) bringing together Themis (investment fund for Africa based in Morocco), the construction group Eiffage (France), Eranove (pan-African public service management platform), with the HIER design office (Madagascar). The dam that will be built 100km south-east of Antananarivo, on the Onive river, will produce for the national company Jirama, on the interconnected network of the capital, 1,650 GWh of clean electricity per year, with an installed capacity of 200MW . The second project, awaiting the start of development, is the Volobe hydroelectric power station, in the Atsinanana region (East of Madagascar), developed by the CGVH (Compagnie Générale d’Hydroélectricité de Volobe) bringing together Jovena (Axian group), SNPower and Africa50 (from the African Development Bank – AfDB). The plant will produce 750 GWh per year with a power of 120 MW.

Source : BEN MG