In the south of the island, the village of Gros Bois is attracting more residents in search of authenticity. Under the impetus of ENL Property, the village is undergoing a new evolution.

Construction of the Savannah International Primary School, which began last year, is moving forward at a rapid pace. The private pre-primary and primary school is scheduled to open in January 2022. The project is a partnership between Gros Bois Development, a subsidiary of ENL Property, and the founders of Westcoast and Greencoast schools. The school will offer kindergarten classes and the first year of primary school. Eventually, students will benefit from quality infrastructures such as a gymnasium, a library and a music room, among others.
Eventually, ENL Property wants to transform this area with a total surface of 425 acres, 365 acres of which are developed under the Smart City Scheme. The developer has already received its Letter of Intent from the Economic Development Board (EDB). With its residential areas, office and coworking spaces, local shops, sports facilities and a school, Gros Bois is the new smart city where it is good to live and work.

The experience acquired by the smart city of Mocha

“This is an ambitious project that we are currently implementing in Gros Bois. The goal is to build on existing residential developments to create a connected village where residents will enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. To preserve the rural charm of the area, all residential and commercial projects will be subject to strict specifications to ensure that architectural and sustainable development requirements are met. To carry out this development, we are leveraging our experience as the developer of the Smart City of Moka,” says Vincent Lagesse, Property Development Manager at ENL Property.