As part of World Environment Day (this Saturday 5 June), Bank One is joining forces with the Vallée de Ferney and committing itself to the preservation of the endemic forest. Indeed, through each real estate loan taken out with Bank One until 31 December 2021, an endemic plant will be planted in the name of the person taking out the real estate loan and he or she will be able to see it grow in the Vallée de Ferney.

A “Bank One Reforestation Area” has been established in the Vallée de Ferney. It will house all the endemic plants that will be planted until the end of this year. “This is a great project that we are pleased to support. Bank One and La Vallée de Ferney are both part of the Ciel Group and this is not the first time we have joined forces to safeguard our natural heritage. There is only 2% of primary forest left in Mauritius and Ferney is one of the last natural sanctuaries. Every little gesture can have an impact in the preservation of our endemic species if all stakeholders are committed to a common project”, says Arnaud Berthelot, General Manager of the Ferney Valley Conservation Trust.