Agri Resources Madagascar (ARM), one of the sub-subsidiaries of the very discreet Monaco Resources Group (controlled by the Cypriot holding company Cycorp First Investment of Pascale Younès), claims to focus on the sustainability and traceability of its products to green its activities in the sector. vanilla from Madagascar.
Inside Madagascar, registered in Monaco since April 2019, supports Agri Resources Madagascar in the latter’s approach to guarantee the origin of its products and to ensure that they are supplied in compliance with quality and environmental standards. ARM and Inside Madagascar are both managed by Matthieu Lougarre.
Note that it was in 2015 that Agricorp, the group that oversees the agriculture and processing division of MRG, created ARM through the subsidiary Agri Vanilla and Spices. In 2019, it obtained Ecocert organic certification for its leased land (150 ha) as well as for its products and is betting this year on Rainforest certification.

Liva Rakotondrasata