As with Kelonia in Reunion, Mayotte, the other French department in the Indian Ocean, should have its center for the care and discovery of sea turtles.

Poached for their flesh by a part of the population ready to do anything to survive or on the contrary adulated by another segment of the population which organizes observation rounds to protect them, sea turtles are a reflection of the social context of Mayotte: contrasted and explosive. In any case, for years the association Oulanga na Nyamba (literally meaning “protection of turtles”) has been working on a sea turtle care center project that can accommodate 7,000 visitors per year and treat around twenty of these injured or lost animals.

Good news since on February 2, this NGO was able to file the building permit for the construction of the center, which would be carried out with the financial support of the Mayotte Marine Natural Park and the Ministry of Overseas Territories and located in Dzaoudzi Labattoir (Petite Earth). Bacoco Said