Regularly intervening in our columns where she shares her expertise, Romy Voos was part of the Malagasy delegation led by the MEDD (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development) during the last World Congress of Nature which took place from 3 to 11 September in Marseille.

Why should women be excluded from the climate issue? The commitment of women must be transversal in ALL the ways leading to the development of the country because they are in the fields, in the kitchen and they educate the children… In short, they fully live the direct consequences of global warming. The scarcity of food resources, the increase in prices of PPN, the time spent looking for alternative income, all this means that her daily life today revolves around survival. So this question, in my opinion, needs to be rephrased: why would it be logical for men to be concerned about global warming and not women? This is a question that should be asked about all the issues and socio-economic commitments in Madagascar. I take this opportunity to salute the unfailing commitment of my friend and Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development who carries high this flag of female commitment for a human cause and so crucial for the generations of Malagasy pointing their nose on this earth where finally, each of us remains tenant….