Our services


Based on the online magazine showcase, the services offered by LE JOURNAL DES ARCHIPELS will interact with each other and between its readership.

More than a simple information site, LE JOURNAL DES ARCHIPELS aims to offer economic studies on demand and economic watches allowing companies and / or individuals to benefit from a head start on their competitors and / or their target audience.

The electronic wallet

The entire site is free access.However, our teams benefit from exclusive information that can be purchased via the electronic wallet available in 3 options: single purchase, prepaid electronic wallet, subscription plans (in full or by country, monthly and annually ). 

A monitoring system enables subscribers to be alerted to the relevance of information that they will be free to purchase.

Economic articles and studies

On request, LE JOURNAL DES ARCHIPELS can produce one-off reports, investigative subjects or more in-depth economic studies on all types of subjects related to the environment and the circular economy.An offer made possible thanks to its network of correspondents, perfectly integrated into the political and economic ecosystems of their respective regions, as well as the intervention of numerous partner experts.

Self-service press kits

Companies will be able to post their press releases (different subscription forms) online, which are distributed according to our networks of journalists

Different à la carte options: uploading, shipping, writing, follow-up….

A solution for SMEs and SMIs who do not have the means to have a dedicated Press Relation.

Advertising agencies

Thanks to a well-developed commercial network in the islands of the region, LE JOURNAL DES ARCHIPELS offers to subcontract the advertising management of magazines and websites, subject to not having competing titles in its portfolio (information and prices on request )


Archipels Solution Ltd, the company which owns the “lejournaldesarchipels” brand, has a publisher number, allowing it to publish books and other publications on order, or in partnership.Member of AFNIL (Agence Francophone pour la Numérotation Internationale du Livre), the publisher has ISBN (International Standard Book Number) numbers, necessary for the publication of bar codes, necessary for the identification of books published to international standards. .