Conservation International injects $ 4.5 million into protected areas in the west

As the executing agency of the Global Environment Facility, Conservation International (CI) has just signed a financing agreement of US $ 4.5 million in favor of the capital of the Foundation for Protected Areas and Biodiversity of Madagascar (FAPBM ).
This allocation should strengthen the management and sustainable financing of five protected areas west of the Big Island, over 580,000 hectares. These are the Ankarafantsika National Park and the Bay of Baly National Park, managed by Madagascar National Parks (MNP), the Mahavavy Kinkony Complex, managed by Asity, the Biocultural site of Antrema, managed by the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN), and the Bombetoka Beloboka site, managed by the Center for Development and Environmental Law (DELC).
These protected areas are still home to exceptional biodiversity and shelter the sources of the rivers that water the rice-growing plains of Marovoay and Mitsinjo, among the country’s rice granaries.

Tsirisoa R.