National record of Covid contamination


Mayotte MP Mansour Kamardine is sounding the alarm again. His appeals for help in the face of the health and security situation, in the media and to the National Assembly, seem inaudible, however. Here is the message sent to our editorial staff last night :
“Faced with the alarming health situation that Mayotte is currently going through, which is characterized by a departmental incidence rate greater than 400 (national record) with municipalities at rates greater than 800 (national record), the 9-fold increase in the rate of incidence (national record) in 1 month, the 15-fold increase in the number of people in intensive care (national record) in 1 month, saturation of ordinary resuscitation capacities (national record) in 1 month, 12-fold increase in the number of people hospitalized (national record) in 1 month, the government has just decided on a general confinement of Mayotte.It is, in my opinion, taking the risk of triggering a serious social crisis in addition to the current economic crisis and security crisis that Mayotte is living painfully. This is why, for the third time since the beginning of 2020, I wrote to the government to ask it to take effective measures to control the epidemic and preserve social peace in Mayotte “.

Mansour Kamardine