The Islamist group which is rampant in the gas province of Cabo Delgado has just struck again. The town of Monjane, a stone’s throw from Total’s gas project, is at the heart of this assault, of which very little information has been made available so far.
In Mozambique, ISIS-affiliated insurgents are getting closer and closer to their goal of preventing the implementation of the Mozambique LNG natural gas production and liquefaction project. Tuesday, in the early hours, they attacked the small town of Monjane, about 5 kilometers south of the gas project controlled by the French company Total. This is the second time in less than a month that the Islamists have attacked in the gas province of Cabo Delgado, in the north of the country. The previous attack was carried out 20 km from the gas facilities of Total and Exxon Mobil. The ensuing clashes lasted around 24 hours, before the attackers retreated.
The situation that has prevailed in this province since 2017 has already left 2,500 dead and more than 570,000 displaced.

Source: Ecofin