The thing went rather unnoticed and yet it is a major event for Mayotte. Indeed, since December 17, the Maybio store in Hauts Vallons, specializing in the sale of organic products, can boast of being the only one in Mayotte to allow its customers to order online from an interactive catalog. This novelty, imagined, created and developed by Régie Océan allows by going to the site to find this interactive catalog which offers a whole range of organic products ranging from organic rillettes, to fruit juices, including smoked cod liver, herbal teas and beauty products. A whole catalog which allows you to discover articles thanks to an audio commentary by clicking on the small speaker present next to each product then to order directly and have it delivered to your home. This new approach to e-commerce, which already exists in mainland France, is unique in Mayotte and even in Reunion, since no catalog yet exists in this format on the sister island.


LNM source