It has been over a year since, in the greatest secrecy, a project for a real airline was being prepared in Mayotte, carried by two young Mahorais.

It is the two brothers Régis and Julien Novou, both aviation professionals *, who are launching this 100% Mahorais project which has the support of Airbus, even if according to the protagonists “everything is not yet finalized, in particular the choice of planes “. In any case, it is a guarantee of seriousness which allowed the Novou brothers to have the support of local investors and the administration since the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) gave the green light for the CTA. (Air Transport Certificate).
Daily flights are planned to Reunion, then the Metropolis (frequency not yet specified), then the regional will be provided to Madagascar and Mauritius for flights announced at 10 or 20% cheaper than those currently practiced.
About 80 direct jobs are planned mainly for the Mayotte population of Mayotte and Metropolitan France for an operational expected in 8 months.

* The two brothers first worked at Mayotte Air Service (of the Issoufali group) then respectively at Ewa Air (subsidiary of Air Austral) for one and Corsair for the other.

Source : LNM