Montebello Smart City unveils itself a little more each day. A new way of life is emerging, combining the advantages of urban living with those of living close to nature. By 2025, Montebello Smart City will be home to a residential neighborhood, offices, showrooms, shops, a mall, a gas station and a drive-thru. We spoke to Mary-Jane Lai, Business Development Team Leader for MaxCity group, the developer of this project with HV Holding. She tells us more about this “new way of living”.
What are the advantages for companies wishing to set up in Montebello Smart City?

Our ambition is to create a community of ecologically-minded entrepreneurs seeking an aesthetic setting that is both close to nature and offers modern services. We offer a wide range of choices for those looking to settle here.
There are many good reasons why an investor might choose Montebello Smart City: for example, a company looking to raise its profile might choose to set up a showroom along the Motorway.
The upcoming economic activities will also ensure that future businesses set up in the mall will have regular customers. We also offer investors the opportunity to acquire land along the main boulevard, with the aim of establishing a building at the heart of an ecosystem conducive to the development of their business. What’s more, through the Smart City Scheme, foreign investors can also acquire land and choose to set up in the Montebello Smart City.
With our human-scale development approach, this future business district has everything it takes to meet expectations for quality of life in the office, close to shops and leafy rest areas. It’s a living space that combines practicality and aesthetics to make daily life easier for all users.

What is the concept behind Les Rives de Saint Louis?
Les Rives de Saint Louis nestles in the greenest part of the site, on the other side of the Saint Louis brook, in an area that will be accessible after crossing a bridge. It offers a unique living experience, blending the advantages of proximity to all infrastructures with the charm of authentic, embellished nature. A total of 37 future residences will be built in phase 1, which has just begun. Our concept is ideal for families seeking peace and quiet, modern accommodation in a green setting, with all the security and convenience of an urban lifestyle just a short distance away. Phase 2 will include the development of apartments and duplexes.

“Restoring this natural heritage to its former glory”.

Which companies have already joined the project?

Several companies have placed their trust in us and invested in Montebello Smart City. For example, the Leal group has already started work on its showroom along Motorway 1. Other showrooms are in the pipeline with the Carleton group for brands such as Schmidt, Canon, Cuisinella and Powersure. Manjoo will also set up shop in a brand-new building along the boulevard. As for the future mall, two major retailers have placed their trust in us: Intermart and Mr Bricolage.

How will sustainable development be reflected in the development of this new smart city?

Before the construction work began, a great deal of thought was given to the development and enhancement of the site. While there is already a waterway surrounded by nature, the master plan was designed to enhance and intensify the natural spaces. We wanted to restore this natural heritage to its rightful place by commissioning a topographical survey to assess the areas of vegetation to be preserved, such as the hundred-year-old trees. With the help of experts, we also drew up a landscaping plan that would blend harmoniously into the future buildings, creating real green spaces.
Our tagline “smart by nature” goes beyond mere aesthetics. Our ecological guidelines will be reflected in the operational side of the project, with recommendations for the use of renewable energies and recycling, for example. As a promoter and developer, we can only encourage this kind of initiative. As we are in charge of managing common areas, we plan to apply the 3Rs principles: Re-use – Re-cycle – Reduce. For example, by recovering rainwater to irrigate green spaces and using solar panels for street lighting.

Contacts :

Mary Jane Lai – Team Leader Business Development MaxCity Projects
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Poumanee Mootoosamy – Senior Executive Business Development MaxCity Projects
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