Green Yellow, the energy subsidiary of the French group Casino, is spreading its wings at the same rate as its photovoltaic panels cover the roofs of supermarkets and other dedicated spaces. It was in the Indian Ocean that the green and yellow brand took off : GreenYellow was created in 2007 within the Casino group to respond to the dual economic and ecological challenge linked to the energy bill of companies. The first solar power station was then installed in 2008 on the roof of the Jumbo Score store in Reunion Island. Last year the Malagasy group Axian, led by businessman Hassanein Hiridjee, took a 51% stake in the existing farm near the capital Antananarivo, in Ambatolampy to be precise (Green Yellow was the sole shareholder until then). Also in Madagascar Green Yellow is developing its hybrid projects with the addition of 6.1MW of photovoltaic power to the existing thermal power plants in Sambava (north east) and Morondava (west). In Reunion Island, an ambitious project is underway on the shade houses installed in the parking lot of Roland Garros airport. To be continued in our columns.