“Treebal, the eco-responsible messaging system that plants trees and protects your data”. This is the slogan of this messaging service developed by Dolmen, a French company based in Rennes. Treebal is thus positioning itself on environmental sensitivity and on the wave of protest against major players such as WhatsApp or Signal.

David Godest ( photo), Sophie Leclerq and Samuel Le Port, founders of Dolmen in a small town next to Rennes, launched Treebal in April 2021 to target a niche market, which helps both companies in their ecological responsibility, while reassuring the general public about the protection of their personal data.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are all non-European, which allowed David Godest to claim his position: “It is also a question of digital sovereignty. We offer French and European users a messaging service that respects data and has an ecological dimension.”


David Godest is the co-founder of Dolmen together with Sophie Leclerq and Samuel Le Port. (photo DR)


3 000 000 trees planted for 15 000 direct beneficiaries.

Treebal is in partnership with Planète Urgence and the company Eco-Tree based in Brest, and has committed to planting trees as part of their turnover. Planète Urgence coordinates this eco-responsible action in Cameroon, Madagascar and Indonesia. Since its creation, Treebal has enabled the plantation of 16,500 trees in these countries.

In Madagascar, Planète Urgence aims to plant 3,000,000 trees for 15,000 direct beneficiaries through the Tapia Project, which has been implemented since 2010.

The economic model is relatively simple as the application is free for the general public and paying for companies. It is the business revenues that support Treebal’s CSR action.


Source : JDE