As we announced on April 26th, in partnership with our colleague Herrmann from “les Nouvelles de Mayotte”, the private company Récif Hélicoptères is now starting its activities.

Récif hélicoptères has just obtained its Air Carrier Certificate and will start its activities on June 1st. The Robinson 44 aircraft offers three tours of 15, 30 and 40 minutes for prices ranging from 125 to 249 euros. A great way to see the lagoon island in all its splendour. Equipped with floats, the aircraft can also be used for rescue operations at sea, which are unfortunately common in the young French department, which is plagued by unstable canoes, the famous “kwassas”, built illegally and prone to capsizing. Another possibility for those who have the means: passenger transport between Petite and Grande Terre. Practical when the STM (Service de Transport Maritime) is on strike, which is often!