The NGO FAM-Unie Foundation recently launched its flagship initiative, “Sustainable agriculture for food security and livelihood”, aimed at providing women with a source of income while contributing to community food security. Funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) under the Small Grants Programme (SGP), the project was officially launched on February 8. The event also saw the inauguration of the organic garden created in December 2023 by the women of the foundation.

Chantal Espitalier-Noël, co-founder of the association, emphasized that “this project marks a crucial step in our commitment to women’s autonomy and food security. We are proud to be supported by the UNDP and the GEF, demonstrating the relevance and impact of our approach. We will continue to work with determination to give women the tools they need to prosper, while contributing to a more secure and equitable food future for all”.
The “Sustainable agriculture for food security and livelihood” agroecological project aims to provide women with comprehensive training, covering planting, harvesting, sales and local food supply. The inauguration of the organic garden, created last December, represents a significant step forward for food security, strengthening the local economy and empowering women. Over the past few months, four women have benefited from training provided by the Institut de Recherche et d’Extension Agricole (FAREI) in organic farming techniques. Guests had the opportunity to discover the fruits and vegetables they have grown: guavas, grenadines, bananas, breadfruit, brèdes, cotomili, combava, mangoes, parsley, green saffron, pitaya, brinjal, lettuce and more. On average, 500 plants will be harvested per month, with 40% destined for local distribution and 60% for sale.