In 2015, the meetings brought together a hundred speakers. How to develop regional economic partnerships without gradually lifting the main obstacles identified in these partnerships? This is in substance the question asked by the Carrefour des Entrepreneurs de l’Océan Indien * (CEOI), through the voice of its president Xavier Desplanques : “since March 2020, the Regional Affairs Commission of CCI France- Maurice (president: Michel CORDANI), in collaboration with our regional association, was kind enough to invest so that, alongside the best experts in the area, all the skills of the region, whether political, are mobilised again, administrative, professional, consular etc … ” A first workshop was in Nosy Be (Madagascar) in January 2015, thanks to funding from the Department of Mayotte (France). Gathered in a seminar around four workshops, the high-level participants (students, politicians, diplomats, donors and entrepreneurs) reflected on four main areas hindering the development of economic and commercial partnerships in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. (Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius and Réunion) : Tax and customs policies The necessary harmonization of standards The travel visa of an economic nature Maritime and air transport within the area Themes still topical and which will be increased, during the seminar scheduled from April 11 to 16, 2021 (still in Nosy Be and if the conditions permit), a fifth reflection site: that of benefits or new constraints expected from regional economic agreements (free trade agreements) CCIF Regional Commission Regulating trade within their areas of competence. The first meetings were held in the presence of representatives of the Indian Ocean Commission, Cap Business Indian Ocean (UCCIOI), the regional office in Mauritius in particular. A constant dialogue continues to be held between the CEOi and the Department of Mayotte through its Development and Innovation Agency (ADIM). * Association born in January 2000, bringing together a thousand executives and business leaders from the South West Indian Ocean : Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Union of the Comoros, Seychelles Jacques Rombi