MP Mansour Kamardine is crying out for help as his island, Mayotte, is in the grip of a civil war that goes unnoticed. Massive illegal immigration, from the Comoros and now from Africa’s Great Lakes, is destabilizing all economic, social and cultural data, and resulting in criminal acts linked to survival situations.
Not a week goes by without its share of organized crime, murders, mutilations, attacks on motorists, pedestrians or schoolchildren, with axes, knives or machetes…
All this in the deafening silence of the national media, which were more inclined to make their front pages about the supposed molestation of certain stars who were in search of popularity 20 or 30 years ago!
Today, France’s 101st department is in the grip of anarchy resulting from decades of government incompetence. We’ve been denouncing this incompetence for 20 years: each prefect in office for a short time (the time it takes to get promoted after the baptism of fire in Mauritania), passing on the hot potato to his successor until today’s apocalyptic situation…
Here’s the latest cry for help from MP Mansour Kamardine.


Photo: ARCHIPELS montage from the front page of Les Nouvelles de Mayotte/Maïwenn Le Goff, dated February 7.

“Mayotte is on the brink of chaos and insurrection. This situation is attributable to the State, which has failed to exercise its sovereign powers (internal security, physical defense of borders, diplomatic defense of territorial integrity, diligent and impartial justice) and which maintains blatant and odious social discrimination against French citizens living in the poorest territory in France (minimum wage -20% of the national minimum wage, benefits capped at 50% of those under ordinary law, etc.).
The government has been paying us with words for years, not even keeping its own word. I’m thinking in particular of the introduction of the supplementary pension, which doesn’t cost €1 of public money, and which has been provided for in legislation for over 20 years and was due to take effect on January 1, 2024, the new delay in the agenda for the “Mayotte” law, which has been awaited for 5 years, and the lack of resolve to make the necessary provisions in the “immigration” law of last December.

Put words into action! No more promises, just proof!

The French Minister of the Interior recently asserted the need to amend the Constitution to enable Mayotte to remain Mayotte, i.e. a French territory populated by French people (30 years ago 90% of Mayotte’s inhabitants were French – INSEE 1993 data – today French people represent barely 30% of the population).
And yet, in March, the government has put on Parliament’s agenda the examination of a constitutional bill allowing the freeing of the restricted electorate in New Caledonia. I’m therefore asking the government to table an amendment to this bill, so that Mayotte’s nationality law can be modified (until 1993, the right of citizenship applied to the 3rd generation). Time for action!
To stem the tide of migration, we are also calling on the government to immediately position a navy vessel at the edge of the Mayotte contiguous zone, to act as a command and coordination vessel, so that the police at sea do not authorize any “beeching” of kwassa boats on the Mayotte coast, intercept them at sea and transfer the passengers from all interceptions to a transit center to be opened in the State-owned right-of-way, next to the Petite-Terre administrative detention center. Time for action!

We also demand that asylum applications be processed directly in the State transit center to be created, within a maximum of one week, and that all appeals be examined directly in mainland France, with applicants being transferred to mainland France. Time for action!
We also request that state-subsidized associations providing assistance to illegal immigrants on Grande-Terre be permanently closed and transferred directly to the state transit center. Time for action!
In addition, we believe it would be appropriate to open a judicial inquiry into the possible involvement of these structures, which are veritable suction pumps for illegal immigration to Mayotte, in human trafficking networks.
Finally, we call for a precise date to be set for the examination of the “Mayotte” law in Parliament before the end of the current session, with full social alignment by 2026, a “State infrastructure” component (roads, airport, etc.) enabling sustainable economic development to be envisaged, and legislation adapted to the needs of project management and land planning, enabling a Wuambushu puissance 2 operation to be put in place until the complete reconquest of the Republic’s lost territories in Mayotte. Time for action!
Gérald Darmanin is one of the few members of the government since 2017 (even since 2012) to have demonstrated his determination to exercise his responsibilities and to have shown consideration for our compatriots in the 101st département. The Mahorais are grateful for this. But we also know that it is the interministerial action that needs to be mobilized: armies, diplomacy, Justice, and so on.
That’s why we’re asking him to take our legitimate demands to the Prime Minister, and to ask him to mobilize his entire government as a matter of urgency and urgency. The Prime Minister claims that his government is a government of action. No more words, just deeds!