While the airline industry is in crisis, serious local initiatives are taking shape. This is the case of the small Comorian company AB Aviation, which has great ambitions, and also of Zena, a serious project of a Mauritanian company which is starting to worry the biggest. One of the reasons that would have pushed to this rapprochement between the two French giants?

The press release sent to our editors states: “In a context of persistent sanitary crisis that affects the profitability of the airline sector, Air Austral and Corsair have decided to started a discussions in order to conclude a commercial cooperation agreement (Joint-Venture). This large-scale project will enable the deployment of an enhanced service offer for the benefit of passengers in the Indian Ocean, while improving the economic profitability of operations through the pooling of resources and the development of synergies. On these connections, Air Austral and Corsair, by combining their respective strengths and assets, wish to develop an offer that will generate advantages and benefits for customers: a reinforced flight program, a wider and more diversified choice (access to the two Paris airports, a variety of departure and arrival time slots), richer connections thanks to the combined networks of the two airlines, a wider and more competitive fare offer, and also an improved Freight offer. Thanks to the strong regional roots of Air Austral and the historical presence of Corsair in the French overseas territories, this major project will contribute considerably to strengthening connectivity, not only in the French overseas departments, but also with other destinations served by both airlines, Canada, Africa, and international destinations in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros). This commercial cooperation project preserves the identity and independence of the two companies. Before its start, it must be approved by the Staff Representative Bodies as required. It will also be presented to the French Competition Authority. Picture : J.Rombi in Pamandzi (Mayotte)