The Energy Observer is one of the first zero-emission boats, able to produce hydrogen for its fuel cell from sea water thanks to solar and wind energy. As part of its world tour in 101 stages in 50 countries, the French boat is in stopover in Mayotte from this Friday 14th and until May 8th.

Photo : Energy Observer et ses ailes Oceanwings (Crédit Energy Observer).

Launched 6 years ago (in April 2017 in Saint-Malo, France), it represents a floating laboratory of embedded technologies.
This revolutionary project was born following the commitment of Victorien Erussard, a long-distance sailor, with the ambition of testing an autonomous ship capable of drawing its energy from nature without degrading it and while preserving it.
After South East Asia, from Indonesia to India via Singapore, Energy Observer has just crossed the Indian Ocean.
This floating laboratory has been the subject of a technical worksite lasting several weeks in the Seychelles (work on the onboard hydrogen system and replacement of many damaged photovoltaic panels).
Next steps after Mayotte: Madagascar, South Africa, then the Atlantic Ocean to South America.

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