Analysis Institute of Management (AIM) et MINES ParisTech | PSL Executive Education announce the launch of their first partnership in Mauritius: as of this fall, the AIM training catalog will be enriched with 2 new short and certifying programs, currently offered by MINES ParisTech | PSL Executive Education on the French market.

Within the framework of this first partnership, two training courses will be offered from November 2021 and during the first quarter of 2022:


A course that will :

Acquire a lucid overall vision based on facts that allows us to assess more than just our technical weaknesses, to grasp the organizational and human components, with the interdependencies between them.

Develop frameworks for protective approaches, share these approaches by disseminating good habits and behaviors within your structure.


A course to be able to decode global issues This executive certificate will allow you to become digitally bilingual and to be able to :

  • Learn to build a digital roadmap
  • Better decode the digital environment (DECODE)
  • Know how to question internal and external experts (CHALLENGE)
  • Creating a new corporate culture (EMPOWER)

In order to put each participant in a professional practice situation, a professional mini-thesis linked to a real company context and environment will have to be conducted throughout the course, giving rise to a defense at the end of the training. Successful completion of this Executive program will lead to the award of the Digital Native Certificate, delivered by the Ecole supérieure des mines de Paris (MINES Paris – PSL).

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