Telma, the telecom and Internet subsidiary of the Malagasy group Axian, has just launched the Telma TV application for its subscribers in Madagascar. The offer covers the broadcasting of international TV channels on a terminal with a dedicated subscription on Telma. In order to enrich the content, the sinews of war in the audiovisual industry, France Televisions and Axian Group have announced a partnership to make available on the Telma TV application the content of the French audiovisual group. The two partners are also preparing the deployment of this offer to other territories in the Indian Ocean and Africa.

For Nathalie Bobineau, Director of International Development at France Télévisions: “Madagascar is a French-speaking and Francophile country. Joining forces with a group like Axian is a natural choice. France Télévisions is a company with a public service mission that works in the general interest. So we are working with Axian on the principle of creating value. The principle is to ensure the hyper-accessibility of our offers through the system that Axian will deploy. This message was confirmed by Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO of the Axian group: “It is extremely important to provide a tool for entertainment, information and culture to all our customers. We have a real complementarity that highlights our common values. Above all, it is the culture of requirement, this requirement to provide quality to our customers. We benefit from the most extensive telecom network in Madagascar. Today, we want to provide a no-commitment offer that will fit our customers’ budgets, qualitatively superior to international standards.

To other islands and Africa

Knowing the presence of Africa and the Axian group, Nathalie Bobineau suggests that this initial partnership launched on the territory of Madagascar could be extended to other countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean where the Malagasy group is present: “I hope that Axian subscribers will live a great experience and especially that we will continue the adventure beyond Madagascar, since there are already projects in other territories”. Thus, Axian and France Televisions are preparing in the near future a similar partnership for other areas of Axian’s activities such as Mayotte, Reunion, Comoros, or even Senegal and Togo.

De nos correspondants à Madagascar : Tsirisoa Rakotondravoavy et Liva Rakotondrasata