The big island is on the move
While a ministerial reshuffle has just been announced (see list below), the private sector in its entirety, all sectors and unions combined, is launching an open letter to the president of the republic. This letter, which invites a constructive dialogue between the state and the private sector, asks for a strategy to get out of the crisis and revive the economy.

After having made the dramatic observation of 16 months of crisis that continues in a situation already unstable before the crisis, all the signatories, asks for a constructive dialogue between the State and the private sector.In particular “an ambitious projection of vaccination, a courageous schedule for the reopening of borders, a firm commitment to pay the arrears of companies, and real and concrete measures to support the private sector”. The main signatories (The Group of Companies of Madagascar, the Confederation of Tourism and the Group of Malagasy Employers) rely on the fact that in addition to a “closure of the borders for 1.5 years which impacts all economic exchanges … the mandatory charges of companies are increasing and the cash flow of our companies is unfortunately not infinite …”
In short, there is like a revolt from this collective that represents 60% of the country’s GDP.  To be continued

The new List of the Government members:

1 . Minister of National Defense: Lieutenant General Léon Jean Richard Rakotonirina
2 . Minister of Foreign Affairs: Patrick Rajoelina
3 . Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice: Herilaza Imbiki
4 . Minister of the Interior and Decentralization: Pierre Houlder
5 . Minister of Economy and Finance: Rindra Hasimbelo
6 . Minister of Public Security: Controller General of Police Rodellys Fanomezantsoa Randrianarison
7 . Minister of Industry and Commerce: Edgard Razafindravahy
8 . Minister of Land Management: Hajo Andrianainarivelo
9 . Minister of Labor, Employment, Public Service and Social Laws: Gisèle Ranampy
10 . Minister of Tourism: Joel Randriamandranto
11 . Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Elia Béatrice Assoumacou
12 . Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development: Baomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina
13 . Minister of National Education: Marie Michelle Sahondrarimalala
14 . Minister of Transport and Meteorology: Tinoka Roberto Michael Raharoarilala
15 . Minister of Public Health: Professor Zely Arivelo
16 . Minister of Communication and Culture: Lalatiana Andriatongarivo Rakotondrazafy
17 . Minister of Public Works: Jerry Hatrefindrazana
18 . Minister of Mines and Strategic Resources: Brice Randrianasolo
19 . Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons: Andry Ramaroson
20 . Minister of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Ladislas Adrien Rakotondrazaka
21 . Minister of Agriculture and Livestock: Harifidy Ramilison
22 . Minister of Fishing and Blue Economy: Paubert Mahatante
23 . Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training: Vavitsara Gabriella Rahantanirina
24 . Minister of Handicrafts: Sophie Ratsiraka
25 . Minister of Digital Transformation, Posts and Telecommunications: Tahina Razafindramalo
26 . Minister of Population, Social Protection and Promotion of Women: Princia Soafilira
27 . Minister of Youth and Sports: Hawel Mamodaly
28 . Vice Minister in charge of Livestock: Doctor Raymond
29 . Vice Minister in charge of Youth: Tahina Juliana Ratovoson
30 . Vice minister in charge of reforestation: Haingosoa Hortensia
31 . Secretary of State in charge of housing and new cities: Gérard Andriamanohisoa
32 . Secretary of State in charge of the Gendarmerie: Major General Serge Gelle