L’Aventure du Sucre in Beau Plan is hosting an original exhibition, open air and accessible to all, since the beginning of October and which continues until the end of November 2021.
With this artistic event, we will never look at the cane in the same way again!

Crédit picture L’Aventure du Sucre

This project is a partnership between the British Council, the School of Fine Arts – Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) and l’Aventure du Sucre, with the support of the Terra Group, and aims to promote education and creativity.
A group of MGI Fine Arts students, under the guidance of their teachers, Ms. Nalini Gopaul, Mr. Nirmal Hurry, Mr. Meckhrajsingh Purmah, Mr. Krishna Lutchoomun and Ms. Nooreen Lallmamode, developed a wealth of imagination and multiple skills to create these works. Several weeks of hard work in terms of design, research, implementation and production were required to bring these sculptures to life. The canes and straw were provided to the students by Terragri and Terragen.

The students of the MGI realized their works in residence in the workshop of the creative zone of Beau Plan. These young artists competed with each other in imagination for unusual and unique creations in Mauritius. The sculptures are made of metal mesh, filled and covered with leaves, straws and sugar cane stalks.
These ephemeral plant creations, which seem to come to life in the gardens of the Aventure du Sucre, remind us that man is also made of nature. The student-artists offer us a poetic stroll through their imaginary world.