October 14, 2021 will mark the 63rd anniversary of the Republic of Madagascar. The NGO “Building the Republic” will organize a 4th edition of the annual event it initiated in 2018 around the theme of the Republic and its citizens. For this year, the NGO will focus on the Fitovinagny region (East of the country) for an event highlighting the economic opportunities of the region.

Known for a high agricultural yield, several regions of Madagascar are indeed waiting for concrete support in projects and accompaniment. If “Bâtir la République” had already started social actions in these regions, the NGO decided to bring real projects there, no longer in the spirit of one-way aid, but economic activities linking the local population, the NGO itself, and the outlets it will present very soon. Since its creation in 2018, the NGO has begun awareness actions in its debates around man, his development and his environment. These three themes are the only bases for real development, animating the conviction of the founders and members of “Building the Republic”, themes called to influence in the near future the economic and political decision makers of the country, in the spirit of openness advocated by the NGO since its inception. The profiles of the members of this committee illustrate a new will to act directly on the society in order to bring tracks of solutions, but especially concrete projects, reason why the former status of the association “Bâtir la République” was transformed into NGO in 2020.

A multi-disciplinary team

The protection of the environment is always the backbone of this series of actions of the NGO, hence the presence within the committee of personalities such as Prof. Jonah Ratsimbazafy, president of the Study and Research Group on Primates of Madagascar (GERP), a specialist in environmental conservation recently elected President of the International Primatological Society. On the other hand, specialists such as Dr. Miarana Damasy, expert in the management of medical infrastructures and related projects and Dr. Henri Andrianjafy, ophthalmologist by profession but also former honorary consul in Gabon will bring their support. Other specialists in fields such as finance, sustainable socio-economic development, strategy and international relations also make up this steering committee. Their different nationalities and their common knowledge of Madagascar have convinced the president-founder, Beboarimisa Ralava, to surround himself with these people driven by a common desire to support projects that strengthen the economic and social fabric of the country. We can mention Dr. Eric Adja, expert in the field of digital and new technology, currently President of the Francophone Agency of Artificial Intelligence (AFRIA) who also held a high position within the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) including Madagascar. The writer Michèle Rakotoson, known for her commitment to the promotion of books, who will oversee the socio-cultural aspect of the NGO’s activities. Mr. Aziz Taief, an expert in international business management development will intervene in tandem with Ms. Virginie Manirisoa for projects and topics concerning fair and inclusive trade. Ms. Aming Akwesi who will bring her skills for topics related to financial institutions while Mr. Daniel Joannes and Mr. Steve Lefebvre will cover the fields of action in international relations, diplomacy and training.

Source : Alefa Press