This image of an Airbus A320 taken on September 23, 2021 at 8:15 a.m. at Johannesburg International Airport, bound for Cape Town, is symbolic of the hope of South African Airways to resume commercial flights and return to profitability, which it lost 10 years ago. The aircraft made another rotation on the same day, followed by another A319 of the company.

Indeed, as planned, the South African airline made its first commercial flight on September 23, 2021, after the total cessation of its flights in March 2020. After cost-cutting operations and a recapitalization with the entry of the new partner, the South African consortium Takatso, South African Airways (SAA) is back in the air with more serenity, with the first flight schedules published at the end of August. Thomas Kgokolo, SAA’s acting CEO, welcomed the resumption of flights: “After months of hard work, we are delighted that SAA is back in business and we look forward to welcoming our loyal passengers on board and flying the South African flag. We continue to be a safe carrier and adhere to Covid-19 protocols. There is a deep sense of excitement within the SAA team as we prepare for take-off, with a common goal of rebuilding and maintaining a profitable airline that once again plays a leading role among local, continental and international airlines.

Source : Alefa Press