The President Paul Kagame has just hosted his Tanzanian (August 2 and 3) and Central African (August 5 to 8) counterparts. These State visits were placed under the sign of proximity with two crucial partners for the country.

Picture: view of Kigali (J.Rombi) On the one hand, Tanzania represents, via the port of Dar Es Salaam, nearly 80% of the goods traffic in Rwanda. This dependence has led the two countries to build a railroad line linking the city of Isaka in Tanzania to Kigali. This line is expected to cost between $800 and $900 million. Trade between the two countries is currently significant, with annual exports from Rwanda to Tanzania amounting to $300 million and imports to $500 million. The visit of the Central African President had a dual purpose: security on the Central African side with the signing of bilateral agreements on defense and peacekeeping, and economic on the Rwandan side with the opening of the Central African market to Rwandan investors, particularly through tax exemptions.

Bilateral agreements signed with Tanzania

and Information Technology, Faustine Ndugulile and her Rwandan counterpart Paula lngabire. The second agreement signed by the two countries concerns cooperation in the areas of immigration and education. The third agreement concerns the field of education. The fourth deal is on cooperation in the regulation of medical products. Sources: DGT