Intense weekend for the web development competition of the Indian Ocean, which took place online, this weekend of September 4 and 5. The Webcup is an initiative of the Webcup Association in Reunion Island, organized by the ICT associations – OTAM, MITIA and CCI France Mauritius – through their federation, FINAM (Federation of Innovative and Numeric Activities in Mauritius).

In photo (DR) The winning team: RAMAROSON Sandrine, RAMAROSON Miki and RAKOTONDRATOMPO Bako Harry This year, six finalist teams competed: Technocom for Comoros, Host for Madagascar, DDR4 for Mauritius, Bépisado for Mayotte, Woabon for Reunion and IT Squad for Rodrigues. “Traditionally, the final is hosted by the delegation of one of the islands. Each year, the team that wins the local round travels to the Indian Ocean to defend the colors of its territory. This year, due to the health crisis, a new online format was developed to allow participants to showcase their talents and take advantage of the international impact of this competition,” says Alan Chakri, President of the Webcup Reunion Association, which created the hackathon. The teams had to show their creativity in discovering the subject simultaneously, broadcast live on social networks. Their mission: to create the first platform for booking teleportation trips to different unusual habitable destinations. The objective was to create a website that was at the same time design, original, technical and allowing the reservation of tickets to teleport to space. Two surprise tests were held over the weekend! The participants, then in full race against the clock, had to integrate new functionalities to their site. Around 5pm and then 9pm, specific requests conceived by the organizers were revealed, thus allowing to test the reactivity of the teams: what to reshuffle the cards of this final.

Quasi-execo with 0.26 points difference between Mauritius and Madagascar.

The Host team of Madagascar is the winner of this eighth international final of the Webcup. Composed of RAMAROSON Sandrine, RAMAROSON Miki and RAKOTONDRATOMPO Bako Harry, this team allows Madagascar to shine once again internationally. This is the third Malagasy victory, which has already won the title in 2014 and 2016. This team composed of three people, including two sisters developers, did their best during 24 hours to win this final. Following the announcement of the results, Sandrine, captain, confided with emotion: “We are happy with this victory, we did our best despite the difficulties. Each member of this team won a one-year subscription to a streaming platform of their choice, as well as a last generation tablet offered by Orange Reunion which supported this event. On the Mauritius side, the DDR 4 team did not lose out! The members of the DDR4 team are Avishek Ramah (Front-End Developer), Akshay Ramdass (Entrepreneur/Web Developer), Danajee Ramma (Graphic Designer) and Sid Bisram (Business Intelligence Developer). The organization of this international final was hosted at the offices of Rogers Capital Technology in Ebene. The holding of this final was facilitated by the international sponsors Orange Reunion and Symars with the support of Rogers Capital in Mauritius.