Julien Virey, co-founder of Laptop Rent, a company specialized in laptop rental, advises those who are looking for a reliable equipment for a daily use in all serenity.

He holds a Master’s degree in Databases and Artificial Intelligence, Computer and Information Systems Technology. He started his career in France, as a mobile developer. Today, he is a Linux administrator in a dynamic company, located on the other side of the planet, in the heart of the Indian Ocean. According to Julien Virey, if Mauritius is an innovative and modern country, paradoxically, it can be long and complex to find “the” laptop you need to work: “A few months before the pandemic, with the other members of Laptop Rent, we had already noticed some difficulties. What are they?

.The lack of availability of quality hardware;
.The lack, not to say the absence of options whether it is in terms of SSD, ram, screen ;
.The high price of the import with the additional costs (transport + customs / intermediary + VAT) which can quickly make the initial investment explode: up to 30% more on the bill.

Laptop renting, practical and economical

If Laptop Rent had for initial objective to put quality laptops at the disposal of nomadic professionals, the year 2020 and the confinement sounded the death knell of this operating mode, but also that of the face-to-face, practiced by millions of companies in the world. Nomads and companies alike have found themselves having to continue to operate while ensuring their own safety, and that of their employees for companies, with the implementation of work from home. In any case, teleworking has allowed many employees to put their desires for their work space on the table, to create an area that looks like them, to improve the existing one with, for example, adapted material (chair, desk…). We can say loud and clear that the presence in the office is not a necessity for the progress of production, for the development of the company, for the development of the employees. Thanks to the laptop, working methods have become more fluid with meetings by video, project management by tickets, etc. Laptop rental is therefore a viable and even more economical alternative for companies wishing to integrate telecommuting into their operations. They benefit from a support service, but also from a guarantee of replacement of the rented equipment, if necessary. This formula also makes it possible to rent equipment by the month, by the day, etc. The laptop has become an extension for modern professionals, so they should not be afraid to choose powerful equipment. If many obstacles can arise at the time of purchase, there is today the rental, a quick option to set up.

What is the best configuration for a PC ?

The basics to know: A sufficiently large amount of memory (RAM), of the order of 12G to 16G minimum; An SSD (solid-state drive) by default, to gain in speed, for example, when loading installed applications, but also for a lighter and more robust hardware at the same time, more economical in terms of power consumption, thus better protected against overheating; A good quality screen, ideally a matte panel with a good resolution; Overall, a hardware recognized for its quality and its autonomy, capable of resisting transport, which does not risk to be damaged after some handling (in and out of the transport bag, etc). Source : ICT.IO