In the morning of 14 May, fishermen reported the presence of a sperm whale in difficulty 7 miles off the coast of the island (about 11 kilometres).

A rescue operation was organised the next day with the participation of the National Coast Guard, Albion Fisheries rescue and the NGO MMCO (Marine Megafauna Conservation Organisation)*. MMCO president Hugues Vitry, a well-known local diver, had the delicate task of freeing the animal, a young male nicknamed ” Tache Blanche” (White Spot), whose mouth was caught in the rope of floating fishing gear…

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*MMCO is an accredited observer of the International Whaling Commission.

MMCO’s aims and objectives are the investigation, study and protection of endangered large marine creatures. MMCO focuses primarily on whales, turtles and sharks in Mauritian waters. Its objective is to raise awareness among fishermen, marine operators and local communities of the importance of protecting and respecting these creatures.