The French Embassy in Mauritius with the collaboration of the Turbine* has selected in October, 10 candidates who will present and defend their project on Thursday, December 9 from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Three projects will be selected after this presentation.

The French Embassy and the Turbine are looking for innovative companies that value the ocean, the sea, the coasts and their many resources. The 10 project leaders selected in October were mentored by Turbine coaches before presenting their pitch in December to a panel of evaluators. “We received 45 applications following a call for projects launched last August and in October, we selected 10 very promising ones that bring an innovative solution to the themes of food and well-being in Mauritius. They are led by professionals with a lot of experience and the will to see their projects come to fruition,” explains Diane Maigrot, General Manager of the Turbine.
The projects revolve around three sectors: food, pharmaceuticals and well-being. In the food sector, it is about achieving better management of fish stocks and innovation in the aquaculture sector, the production of algae and shellfish. The ocean also holds a potential for the development of products and services in the pharmaceutical industry. It is about improving the quality of life, alleviating pain and finding cures for diseases through marine resources.

Read the presentation of the winners in our next edition of the newsletter

La Turbine is a business incubator of the ENL group, based in Vivéa Business Park, Moka.