That’s what Danny Fon Sing, CEO of MaxCity, developer of Montebello Smart City, said. A new “green” city at the southern entrance of Port Louis.

MaxCity Properties and its partner, HV Holdings are the main developers of this project. Work started on July 1st. The Montebello Smart City will require an investment of approximately Rs 900 million for the first phase of its development. This site provides connectivity with the two main economic hubs of the island: Port-Louis (to the North) and the Ebène Cybercity (to the South). “Nature inspired the concept and philosophy of the Montebello Smart City,” said Danny Fon Sing, “We want to redefine the notion of a smart city within an existing urban economic fabric. Montebello Smart City is intended to be an exceptional place to live, integrating urban lifestyle, recreation and nature.” Built around the live-work-feel concept, Montebello Smart City will redefine the philosophy of urban living in a natural and serene environment. The first phase of the Montebello Smart City will last approximately 18 months (land development) and will be completed by the end of 2023. At the same time, phases 2 and 3 will be undertaken (leisure and housing) on an area leading on one side to the A1 freeway and on the other to a primary forest where a trail will be developed over 1.5 kilometers. Note that this residential project is accessible to foreigners thanks to its status of Smart City. More information to discover on our paper edition of the magazine