These new models of Molok-type bins have been installed at the entrance to Vivéa Business Park, in Telfair opposite the new Shell gas station, in front of Synergy in Helvetia and in the residential district of Courchamps. The public, guided by an explanatory panel, is invited to deposit their recyclable waste in three bins provided for this purpose.

At each site, three containers receive recyclable waste such as paper and cardboard, glass, as well as plastic and aluminum. The Finnish brand Molok was chosen for the elegance of its design and its many features. The high capacity of the containers allows on the one hand a greater compaction of the waste, since the waste is compressed by its own weight, and on the other hand less frequent collections (and therefore a saving in costs and CO2 emissions from collection trucks). 60% of a Molok is underground, where the lower temperature helps reduce odors from garbage. Green Ltd, the local supplier to the Moloks, takes care of the collection using a crane truck.

Each Molok is equipped with an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor that communicates its fill rate to Green Ltd so that the company can optimize the collection schedule. Soon, users will also be able to access Molok location and fill rates on the city’s website,, where sorting guides will be published.