The island of Petite Terre, once a peaceful residential area, is in the grip of incredible violence.

photo : J.Rombi

Violence is growing in Mayotte, putting the population on the brink of civil war and thus annihilating all development action. An explosive situation denounced for a good decade by the forces of the French department in a relative indifference of the authorities. To read below, the umpteenth cry of alarm from elected officials in Mayotte.

Mamoudzou, 24 January 2021

Joint press release from Mayotte’s elected officials on the 3 murders of the weekend :

The government must end its indifference to the Mahorais and act firmly against barbarism

Three people were murdered with knives in three days in Mayotte, including two teenagers aged 15 and 14. It is a new shock for the population of the island which has been severely affected by an unprecedented increase in insecurity and violence which has blindly affected all categories of people for the past 2 years.
In homes, in neighborhoods and villages, in schools, on the roads, in businesses, the inhabitants live with a lump in their stomachs. In a few years, Mayotte has evolved from one of the most peaceful territory to the region where the homicide rate per capita is the highest in Europe (Eurostat 2020 – 5.3 homicides per 100,000 hours compared to 0.7 on average in Europe).

Now, like this weekend in Petite-Terre, murder leads to murder and settling of scores is linked, especially between foreigners, plunging the territory into an infernal spiral of assassinations and destruction, without any reaction to the height. of the situation.
Mayotte was forgotten during the planning of the vaccine against the coronavirus (the only French region initially deprived of a super-freezer), is particularly ignored by its overseas minister despite the latter’s 2 recent visits to the Indian Ocean to fight against minor risks of arrival of hydrocarbon pellets or to watch firefighters extinguish forest fires in Réunion, while at the same time, in the 101st department, bodies were mutilated with machetes.
The successive postponements for several months of major ministerial visits to announce the necessary measures and the increase in the means of combating insecurity and illegal immigration attest to the indifference of part of the national political and administrative authorities towards -to the French of Mayotte.
The government must assume its jurisdiction over all parts of the national territory, including Mayotte. It must act without delay and with resolution in the fight against the violent armed gangs which overwhelm the populations of the 101st department.
The arrivals of the Minister of the Interior, the Keeper of the Seals and the Minister for Overseas Affairs can no longer be delayed.

The Deputy Mansour KAMARDINR The Deputy Ramlati ALI

Senator Abdallah HASSANI Senator Thani MOHAMED SOILIHI

The President of the Departmental Council The President of the Association of Mayors
Soibahadine Ibrahim RAMADANI Madi MADI SOUF