Using artificial intelligence, the chatbot records orders and dialogues with customers.

Photo Mika Baumeister/Unsplash


The Mauritian startup LeFinTech offers an innovative solution to optimise the online ordering process for SMEs. While the consumption trends of Mauritians have evolved since the lockdown, innovations are coming together to understand, manage and cope with the current situation. LePocketShop was thus created to allow local SMEs to adapt to new purchasing trends.

To help local SMEs adapt to new buying trends, Mauritian Startup LeFinTech recently created LePocketShop. The concept is simple : allow SMEs to set up a personalised chatbot system directly on their company’s Facebook page. Using artificial intelligence, the chatbot then records orders, dialogues with customers and guides them through their purchasing process.

The current pandemic has undeniably had unprecedented economic repercussions around the world, and Mauritius is no exception. Interestingly, it has been found that consumer trends among Mauritians have changed dramatically despite the fact that many businesses have been affected. Indeed, despite the confinement situation, consumption has not stopped but rather evolved. With a sudden increase in online orders, key players in the local start-up ecosystem are looking to find new ways to meet the challenges of rapidly changing market demands. In fact, a large number of companies have taken the plunge by turning to digitalisation.

How it works ?

In three steps, you first connect to LePocketShop to make a request and specify its specifications. Then, we check the invoice and finally, we confirm that it has been sent to the customer. “With this software, customers can directly order and pay online quickly and securely, eliminating the need for contractors to respond to each request individually. As a result, the latter can now focus on their sales, manage order and deliveries more efficiently, among other things, “said Neha Gunnoo, co-founder of LeFinTech.

Source: ICT-IO