Photo: J. Rombi
Board game buffs since their earliest childhood Augustin Delord and Vincent Pollet (pictured) are on their second adventure as game creators, with Rougaille Dodo. They are associated in these projects with and Patrick Morin and Joël Ramdoo.

Rougaille Dodo is a board game entirely produced and conceptualized in Mauritius. It has been tested by the community of board game players in Mauritius, during game nights organized by the Board Gamers Mauritius group and Atomic Games has joined the made in moris label. Currently on pre-order, it will be available for purchase in several brands from this month of December 2020. Created by Atomic Games, it is aimed at all audiences, from 2 to 5 players, from 7 years old. Following the success of Tit’Albert Dan Vilaz, an adaptation of the famous werewolf game in 2019, the Moka-based company paid tribute this time to one of Mauritius’s emblems, the Dodo.

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