The Réunion Group Clinifutur plans to open the first private clinic in the department by 2024.

Picture (J.Rombi): In Mayotte all medical services have been saturated for years.

Clinifutur is regularly mentioned in the regional news these last weeks. The group owned by Michel Deleflie is indeed well positioned to take over the reins of the Reunion company Air Austral.
But it is in its core business that Clinifutur has planned to invest in the young French department with a medical-surgical clinic.
This project responds to a desperate need for hospitalization capacity: Mayotte is overpopulated by a population that is most often in an irregular situation, and the equipment provided for in the overall operating allocations of the communes does not keep up with these informal figures.
The clinic will be located in Chirongui, in the south of the island, which would be a complementary offer to the Hospital Center (saturated) located in the main town, Mamoudzou.
The investment is 30 million euros for a capacity of 60 beds.