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Residents of 11 clinics in the town of Antsirabé, Vakinankaratra region in central Madagascar are relieved. Indeed, Jirogasy, the Madagascan startup founded by Yann Kasay has finalised the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in these health infrastructures. Note that the young growth which manufactures its own solar kits has already electrified 19 health centers since February 2020.

The young company specialising in connected objects and solar kits “made in Madagascar” has just completed the electrification of 11 dispensaries in the town of Antsirabé in the center of the big island. These health centers benefit from electricity via solar generators that the start-up manufactures in Madagascar. This commissioning of clean energy systems should allow these health establishments to better take care of the sick during this period of health crisis due to the coronavirus. This is what makes Yann Kasay, founder of Jirogasy say that “Covid-19 has made committed and innovative projects more urgent than ever, especially in the face of the country’s immense energy challenges. It is obvious to render service to dispensaries at such times, as the health emergency drains all efforts towards strengthening resilient health systems “. The electrification of the 11 health centers is part of a partnership between the start-up launched in 2017 and the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Agriculture and Health in the Tropical Environment (EAST) which aims to “improve conditions of care for disadvantaged populations ”.

A project supported by the NGO Santé Sud de Marseille

Since the start of Covid-19, 19 dispensaries have been electrified thanks to Jirogasy solar generators. Outside the town of Antsirabé where 11 clinics now run on clean energy, solar generators have also been installed in 8 health centers in the Analamenga region in central Madagascar, between February and September 2020. These others dispensaries were electrified as part of a partnership with the NGO Santé Sud based in Marseille, France. For the electrification of the 19 dispensaries in the regions of Vakinankaratra and Analamenga, “Jirogasy produces the machines and installs them, while the NGO partners make them functional, by carrying out regular checks and providing medical training”, explains the start-up based in Antananarivo.

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