The Entrepreneurship Mentoring Council (EMC) is a nonprofit organization that works to establish a volunteer entrepreneurial mentoring program for high-potential young entrepreneurs. On Wednesday, the EMC announced the addition of businessman and business leader Amiraly Hassim as a mentor.

Amiraly Hassim is a well-known figure in the entrepreneurial microcosm of the Indian Ocean. Known to the general public as the founding boss of the Food & Beverage Madagascar food group, he also has a wide portfolio of activities to his credit, ranging from manufacturing to the hotel industry, to the transport of goods and outsourcing. His companies are present in Madagascar as well as in the sub-region, notably in the Comoros archipelago.
A man of networks, he was among the founders of the Professional Association of Road Transporters (APTR) but also a founding member of the Carrefour des entrepreneurs français à Madagascar and a member of the Comoros Employers’ Organization (OPACO). Re-elected for a second term at the head of the Union of Industries of Madagascar (SIM), he continues to work as a representative of the private sector to various national and supranational bodies.
“Valiant patriot eager to revitalize the Malagasy entrepreneurial environment, Amiraly Hassim joined the Entrepreneurship Mentoring Council for a common mission: to support young entrepreneurs in the phase of sustainability of their activities,” reported Johann Pless, another EMC mentor.
The young entrepreneurs expect, among other things, from the mentors insights on best practices to better attract investors. These range from how to put together project files, to how to approach investors, to negotiations, and finally to making investments profitable.

Source : Madagascar Newsroom