A “Green Park” in the city of Beira

The coastal town of Beira, Mozambique, was hit by severe storms and flooding in 2018. With poorly planned settlements and inadequate housing, more than 300,000 residents there have been exposed to disasters. This phenomenon has also affected many people. other Mozambican towns. This has committed Mozambique to new urban planning projects, including the creation of green infrastructure to protect cities and the population. It was with this in mind that the state created the Beira Green Park, covering an area of ​​4.5 hectares in the center of the city. The project cost $ 20.7 million, co-financed by the Mozambican government and the German Development Bank KFW.

The Green Park project will improve the city’s drainage system and provide space for recreation, relaxation and sports. A cycle path and a path cross the park for 3.2 kilometers, and 3,100 square meters of the park are dedicated to children’s play areas. Five open-air gymnasiums and two multi-purpose sports fields are located there. A 2.7 hectare green area is also made available to the inhabitants of Beira to organize urban hikes. This green zone contributes to the increase of urban green spaces and the planting of trees in order to reduce urban pollution.

Tsirisoa R.