Karanvir Singh, CEO YEGO in front of one of the four YEGO electric tricycles currently being tested in Kigali.
photo : J.Rombi
Yego is the epitome of an innovative solution to meet a local need. Since 2017, the company has developed a platform that facilitates and secures payments for trips by Boda Boda, motorcycle taxi, the preferred means of transport for Rwandans. For its founder, the Indian Karanvir Singh : “the investment has mainly focused on the implementation of high-performance IT tools and the provision of a dedicated smartphone to all users of our platform”. Today more than 20,000 vehicles are listed on the platform in the country: cars, boda-boda and motorcycles combined, thus giving it the status of local UBER. It must be said that the Rwandan government has supported the initiative with transport professionals. An investment that should pay off quickly. According to our calculations, YEGO takes around 1 euro per day per vehicle using its app. Enough to quickly amortize the US $7 million of initial investments. Particularly suited to African contexts, the company is starting its expansion across the continent (a similar process is already well underway in eight other countries) and is launching its own fleet of 100% electric vehicles. J.Rombi